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You are aware of your innate ability to heal your body, mind, and spirit but don’t know how to access it.  

You have begun a spiritual practice but you need some support and direction.

You are seeking a place where you are heard and honored for all that you are….you are tired of working with healers and coaches who focus on what is wrong with you rather than what is right with you.  

You have a deep curiosity for the ancient healing wisdom that our Inner Wise Woman has to teach us.  

You yearn for a deep re-connection to your SELF and other women but feel you need to heal or make space in order to do so and you don’t want to do it alone.  

You feel like you are giving all of your energy to others and have nothing left for you.

You have gifts to bring to the world but you are unsure how to illuminate them.  

You are ready to release what is no longer serving you,
reclaim your power,
and illuminate your gifts.

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I wake up every morning asking how I can be of service to the women who seek my help.  

I create a safe and sacred place where together we honor where you are on your path. 

I teach you how to access, listen to and trust your Inner Wise Woman and love yourself with all of your being.

I work intuitively together with you to create a transformational experience specific to your needs. 

I teach you how to release the old stories and create your new story drawing on 20 years of spiritual, healing, and creativity practices.

I am your spiritual collaborator and inspiratrix on this journey to discovering your inner wisdom and creative fire.