In-person and online workshops at Amused Woman Studios
are single session experiential journeys
designed to disconnect you from your outer world
and plug into your inner world and your Divine connection.

Workshops are a weaving of…

  • Intentional Creativity® processes

  • Feminine Wisdom and Leadership teachings

  • Practices in healing and spiritual arts

  • Business strategy

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Leadership experience.

Depending on the theme and the depth of the journey workshops can be anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days.

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I invite you to create with me...

Intentional Creativity® is a way to access your inner wisdom and subconscious to gain knowledge that you did not know you had, it will assist you in becoming aware of your stories, releasing what is no longer needed, and give you the inspiration to create your new story.

Intentional Creativity® is a way to come together in community with other women who are there to support you.

When we create and access our right brain, we are able to bring our ideas into form, make decisions from the present rather than the past, and open up our possibilities for the future.

Intentional Creativity® is a blend of visualization exercises, sharing stories, and expressing yourself through words and image.

“We are here to rescue creativity from the tyranny of the talented.”
-Shiloh Sophia McCloud- Founder Intentional Creativity®

Intentional Creativity™ workshops do not require any art experience, but you will be amazed at what you can create by the end of a workshop.

I also specialize in Intentional Creativity™ for heart-centered businesses and non-profits. In this process a single owner business, small team or corporate leadership team will develop their vision, mission, strategies, ideal market, offerings and goals through creative process that opens them up to ideas and visions they would not otherwise have access to. Then we work together to create the goals and steps needed to accomplish those goals. In team settings we explore each contributor’s gifts, and how those are best served to meet the overall vision.

Feminine Wisdom and Leadership workshops draw on my experience in several ancient lineages of Divine Feminine Wisdom teachings combined with my facilitation, Circle Guide, corporate leadership experience, as well as, my Divinely given gift of holding safe and sacred space. The intent of these workshops is to guide women towards tuning into who they are at a soul level, tuning into the cycles of nature, and how to live from that place, when designing their lives and sacred work. And most importantly accessing, listening to, trusting and acting upon their Inner Wisdom.

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In-person offerings

Online Offerings

One-on-One Workshops

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Private Groups

One of the things that brings me the most joy is curating custom experiences for private groups based on my existing class offerings or dreaming up entirely new possibilities for you and your group. These experiences are ideal for women’s groups and circles, they are something different for women’s night out and facilitates a different level of deeper connection and authenticity with each other. These journeys are designed for groups that desire a deeper level of connection with self and each other. This is an experience that will bring about transformation and connection as opposed to the small-talk that occurs in a restaurant or bar experience. I also work with leadership teams in both small and large businesses to create your vision and strategy while being in your creativity and opening up to possibilities and solutions that come from both your right and your left brain. Here are some examples of privately led experiences, but the possibilities are endless! These experiences always include connection with each other on a deeper level, guided visualizations to tap into your own wisdom, a creative process, and ways to bring the experience into your daily lives and businesses. Chocolate is usually required.

  • Meeting Your Inner Muse

  • Discovering and Claiming Your Gifts

  • Diva X-Exploring your relationship to your sensuality

  • Honoring Life Transitions- Phases of Womanhood, Phases of Motherhood, Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Empty Nest, Discovering Your Sacred Assignment, Remembering Who You Are, Career or Business Changes, Death and Grief

  • Speaking Your Truth, Standing in Your Power and Authentic Self

  • Releasing the Stories that are No Longer Serving You

  • For Business- Creative Visioning, Strategy, Design and Implementation

  • For Business- Team Building through Deeper Connection and Discovering the Gifts of Everyone on the Team

I would love to collaborate with you on an experience your group will never forget.
To discuss the possibilities please complete the form below.