Vision Weaver Program Detailed Invitation/Info  

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I am over the moon excited that you have decided to explore the Vision Weaver Program more deeply. So let me weave for you what this journey is all about, the details of what is included in each module, and it is in resonance for you we can schedule an interview.

You have sacred work, a vision, wisdom and life experiences to share, Divinely given gifts and you are bursting at the seams to share them with the world. Yet, you struggle with articulating your vision, and putting structure and form around how your sacred work looks in the world. You are a spiritual and creative being and do not want to lose your freedom of creativity or become out of integrity with your soul. You want to be in service but not in Servitude. You have many certifications, modalities, learnings and experiences but you don’t know how to weave them into a coherent and aligned body of work, and how to communicate your gifts and offerings with the world.

My Divinely given gift is as a Vision Weaver and Initiator. I take visions and bring them into form and structure, I initiate action while remaining creative, in the flow of life and embracing Divine Timing, and not always having all the answers but embracing the mystery which is where the magic happens. And I have done this myself, I live it every single day, and I stay in my integrity and what my heart and soul desires. 

I believe business ownership is a deeply spiritual endeavor and that it is crucial to remain in spiritual alignment while putting your work into the world. Remaining in integrity with your Divine gifts, and your sacred assignment, while also creating structure, systems, and form. But this program will take work and commitment on your part it is the paradox of being in flow and focus at the same time. I want to be clear that this is as much a spiritual journey as it is a business and life strategy journey.

I am inviting 4 women to work with me one on one for 6 months to weave your vision into form while remaining in your creative flow and spiritual alignment.

This Vision Weaver program is delivered over six months with four modules, we work together twice a month for two hours. You will have assignments, research and creative practices to complete in-between sessions if you want the outcome of a life and business design that is aligned with your soul. There are additional video classes and creative practices that you complete with my support to get your vision into form. Our meetings can take place virtually or in my Centennial, CO studio.

Why Six Months?

Why six months, it seems so long? Well whether you know it or not have been holding this vision since birth, maybe even before. Six months is a drop in the time bucket. And for those that have been trying to bring your sacred work into form, it is likely you have been trying for many years now, and yet you might be exactly where you were 10 years ago or maybe just 6 months ago, just thinking about it, but still bursting at the seams to share your wisdom, let's stop thinking about it, but feel it, create it and bring it into form. Six months is a good amount of time from a practical perspective to have a plan developed and thought through and ready to release to the world. It is a good container without being too short nor too long. I do suggest some rest after completing this process, to integrate, to raise your energy, and to be in tune with nature's rhythms at that time of year. Be with family, get and give love and nourish yourself.

This program is a combination of wisdom and practices that include personal development and spiritual practices, tools and techniques of inquiry, awareness and discovery of what is in your integrity and remaining in spiritual integrity, in includes Intentional Creativity® processes to open you up to receive information and inspiration through creative practice, as well as, become aware of the stories you have been running and re-write them. There are traditional business strategy components, and the paradox of relaxing into Divine Flow, Timing and Mystery. Having a vision but not holding too tightly to the outcome.

In this six month journey there will be four modules that I will describe below:

  • Module 1- Align

  • Module 2-Clarify

  • Module 3- Initiation

  • Module 4-Activitation

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Module 1- Align

In the Align Module we begin with discovering, bringing awareness to, and claiming both your Divinely given gifts, your practical gifts, skills and trainings and weaving those together. This is where you decide how you want to show up in the world. Often we only claim (and sometimes not) those things we have been “trained” or “taught” to do. We only place value on education and practical skills. Sometimes we don’t even know our Divinely given gifts that are unique to us because we don’t recognize them as gifts or the external world places no value on them. In this phase you will go into soul inquiry and creative practice to discover and bring awareness to ALL of your gifts.

You will also discover what your Divine Assignment is which is at the same time much bigger and yet much simpler than your “work”. Together we will distill down the core of what you were sent to this planet to do and begin to use that as the compass for all areas of your life, not just your career. Even if you think you know your assignment we are going to bring it into further clarity and resonance through a 13 Step Intentional Creativity painting, and will be exploring where you are out of integrity and harmony in your life by not living your assignment in all areas.

Lastly, we are going to explore Divine Timing and living within the cycles of nature and your own rhythms. You are going to learn tools and techniques of when to take action and when to slow down and listen. You will learn to be in harmony with nature, you will learn how to plan your time and your energy in a way that is harmonious for you without over-giving, going into over-whelm, or over-working. Yes, there are times when you should be doing nothing, and you will learn that resting is doing something, and then there are times when you are in more intense creative cycles but you can still learn to take care of yourself during those times.

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Module 2- Clarify

In this module we go deeper into discovering what your Heart and Soul desires are, not what your mind or the external world thinks you SHOULD be doing. We do this through guided visualization, creative and inquiry practices. We begin to live and show up authentically and shed what is no longer serving us.

You will also go through a Self-Love assessment and we will discover where you have not been loving towards yourself and work to strengthen those areas and become more sovereign. This is where we work on being in service vs. being in servitude.

We will become aware of and shift the stories around fears, obstacles, and releasing what is no longer serving you by discovering the agreements you have unconsciously made and creating practices that allow you to witness and shift those stories without judgement.

Lastly, we will look at how your heart and soul desires become focused actions to determine where to put your Life Force Energy.

Module 3-Initiation


  • This is the module where we open up your creativity in order to get more specific on your business model and strategy. We discuss the balance between creativity and thinking in order to bring your vision into form. This is where we learn how to open our hearts and receive what is ours to claim.

We will create a business plan in image and words that will include your:

  • Your Legend-What is the story that brought you here

  • Vision- what is the overall vision

  • Intention- what is the intention for your work and your life in this moment

  • Beloveds- Who do you wish to serve

  • Offerings- What are the specific offerings

  • Sharing-How will you get your work out into the world

  • Abundance and Financial Flow

  • Connection-Partnerships/Support Structures/Collaborations

Once the more “creative” business plan is complete you will begin to work with the details and structure of each of these areas with inquiry and guidance so you have a foundation for what your business will look like, and at the same time learn skills to remain open to the mystery and what presents itself to you.

There will be an opportunity to choose an optional add-on to create a more formal business plan in LivePlan (you would purchase the software and I will guide you through the process, but you will be responsible for doing your research on your financials and start up costs)


Module 4- Activation

The last module is where we develop practices and ritual around remaining in integrity with yourself, your business and how to check in with yourself. You will also learn how to call in your beloveds and create invitations.

In addition, this is where we put timelines, structures, and processes around your launch and how the business will flow so that your energy remains in your creation and not doing busy work. You will put into place whatever support structures you need to bring your vision into form. This is where you discover structure can actually bring expansion and open up your expression, not suppress or cause you to lose freedom. Structure harnesses your energy so you can be more in your creative power rather than have your creativity be in chaos.

And the most important part is WE WILL CELEBRATE and honor how far you have come!

vision weaver

I wanted to take a moment to share with you why I am opening this up and why I choose to only work with a small group of women for this. First, I practice what I preach, I have a gift of working with both the left-right brain, and masculine/feminine energies. I ignored that gift for many, many years until it became physically apparent I was out of integrity and it was because I was not embracing and sharing my gifts with others. Some say that is blasphemy.

I believe strongly that at this time on the planet the work that women are coming together to do NEEDS to be shared. Its wanted and needed at a core level and we are in a collective breaking down of the structures as we know it and we need to hold a strong container to birth what is next. And it is one of my deepest desires to assist women in bringing their work out into the world. My inner wisdom has told me I need to go very deep with a few women, but the few will effect change for the many.


So the next steps for you are:

  1. Sit with this invitation, going into quiet and stillness and ask your inner wisdom if this is calling deeply to you, because this is going to be some deep inner and outer work, so the call must be strong and you must be feeling it in every cell of your being.

  2. If it feels like a Yes, or a very strong maybe fill out the short questionnaire so we can go a little deeper into where you are now and where you want to go.

  3. Let’s talk, once the application is received you will receive a link to schedule a call and see if the program is in resonance and if we are in resonance with each other. That is very important, because we will be spending a lot of time with each other.


Time and Financial Investment

This is around 64 hours of content delivered over six months that includes our face to face time together, pre-recorded videos, homework assignments, daily practices and research assignments. Together we will decide our meeting dates, and how they are delivered (depending on if you are local or virtual), we will meet face to face twice a month for 2 hours.

Option 1- $3497 -Paid in Full

Option 2- $3997- $1000 deposit prior to program start, payments of $499.50 per month