Dina Tibbs She Trusts Colorado

She Trusts

A 6 Month Experiential Journey into accessing and trusting your own wisdom,
trusting the flow of life,
and trusting each other.

In this 6-month Journey we will gather once a month between 6:30-9:30 PM:
 at Amused Woman Studios in  Centennial CO

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In today’s society as women we are walking through the world from a place of serving and giving to everyone but ourselves. The media, our responsibilities and history have disconnected us more and more from our own inner wisdom, and when we do feel the stirrings of our intuition or hear the whispers of our inner voices we don’t trust what we feel and hear.

We do not make decisions from a place of inner knowing and trusting in our own information. We have also found ourselves in a place where we no longer feel connected to or have deep trust in each other as women. We were not taught, nor do we have a societal need to “have a village” and yet our inner knowing, knows that it does indeed take a village, and we are more powerful together than going it alone.

We yearn for deeper connections with each other, we want to belong, and we want to be seen and heard. We want to tell our stories, trust that our stories have shaped who we are, and yet we have the power and the voice to create new stories from the old stories. We have all of the information and wisdom we need inside of us to transform and above all trust that our lives are our creations and we get to choose how to live them.

We just want and need to remember.

How would it feel to remember who you are, the Divine Being you were before others told you who you were supposed to be? How would it feel to trust yourself in totality and never question your own wisdom? To never doubt the choices you make in your life, your work, and your relationships? And through total trust we also fall totally in love with ourselves, and are able to be more giving, more loving to those around us. Putting ourselves first does not mean our loved ones get less of us, it means they get more of us. They get the completely authentic version of us, they get to see our true essence.

But we can’t do that until we know what that is,
and we cannot know our true selves until we can trust.

Every day I listen, I observe, and I respond to what I hear from the women I interact with, and one of the things I hear the most in the unsaid is that women do not trust themselves, they do not trust in the Divine and Nature and they do not trust each other. Not deeply, not truly. And while those specific words are not used I observe it in words, and actions in how women speak of themselves, how they are in situations and relationships that are not serving their highest good, or choosing work that does not feed their souls, but because it is something they feel they have to or should do.

Our minds, make decisions from past experience and evidence, and so when we don’t trust it is because of some past situation as opposed to opening up to the possibilities and creating your own story of love and trust. Our minds are a beautiful thing, to bring what our heart desires into form, but the mind should not be in the driver’s seat, our hearts and our souls should.

I believe in a trinity of trust, and when those come together in totality your life will change in indescribable ways, but the trust comes from the heart and not the head. And there are practices and wisdom that begins to break down the walls we have formed around our heart because of external stories, and internal wounds and perceptions.

The trinity of total trust is:

1. Trust in the Self

2. Trust in the Divine and the Natural World

3. Trust in the sisterhood of women (and collective humanity)

When these three come together you will find yourself in peace, joy, and living your heart and soul desires without apology.

So, I developed the She Trusts Program - A 6-month journey towards remembering and trusting in yourself, humanity, nature and the Divine = Transformation and birth of your new story and your original soul essence.

I invite you to embark upon a six-month journey in circle with me as your guide towards remembering who you are and standing in that no matter the stories being told all around you. When you remember, you trust. You trust your own wisdom above all else, you trust the divine and embrace the mystery, you begin to see that nature is on your side, and you begin to trust each other deeply.

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In this 6-month Journey we will gather once a month between 6:30-9:30 PM:
 at Amused Woman Studios in  Centennial CO,

In this six-month journey we will learn to listen to and become aware of our stories and transform them, we learn to appreciate the good, the bad, the ugly, the light, and the shadow and find the gifts in all of it.

When we embrace the mystery and learn to listen to our wisdom, we make decisions and create a life of joy, authenticity, depth and creativity that is unwavering. We become curious, we are amused, we realize life is an experiment and when we live it from choice, we happen to life, life doesn’t happen to us.

In this program you will receive 6 months of wisdom in understanding the levels of trust within yourself and others, how to work with time and trust that when you relax you have enough time. You will learn what your sacred assignment is and how to use that as your compass, you will learn how to use your body as an intuition rod, and to listen to that intuition. You will learn to love yourself fully and unapologetically and you will learn what the ancients knew and how your lineage impacts the stories you tell yourself. You will also gain a deep level of trust with the other women in circle and form long term soul sister relationships.

She Trusts is the culmination of all the wisdom and teachings I have been blessed to receive, including but not limited to, Toltec/Warrior Goddess Training, Intentional Creativity, Path of Self Love Foundations, Divine Feminine leadership and practices, sound and plant medicine and 20 years of spiritual practices from several traditions.

There will be laughter, tears, art, dancing, stories, and of course trust. You will learn how to make deep connections with other women, and you will receive tools to remember who you are and techniques to know when you begin to forget again and how to bring yourself back to alignment and to your essence.

Divine Details

The She Trusts Six Month Journey will be delivered once a month for three hours, in the sacred space I have set at Amused Woman Studios in Centennial , CO. This is limited to 12 women to maintain the sanctity and potency of the work and to develop a deep level of trust with each other. 

Each month will include an Activation teaching and wisdom on different levels of trust and different trust “points”.  You will receive a wisdom book with the teachings, and practices and visualizations to complete in between each meeting. There may be other goodies and surprises along the journey.


Schedule and activation points:

Trust the Process - Circle Medicine-Setting Sacred Space
January 29 2019

Trust in Love - Fall completely in love with yourself
february 26 2019

Trust Yourself - Accessing and TrustingYour Own Wisdom & Intuition
March 26 2019

Trust the Divine - Divine Timing Elemental Wisdom + Feminine Flow 
April 20 2019

Trust the Path of the Ancestors - Lineage Wisdom
May 28 2019

Your Story Re-Imagined - Celebration and Closing Party
June 25 2019

By the end of the six months you will have received the following outcomes if you are committed to showing up and doing the work:

  1. Daily accessible practices to quiet down, tune in, listen and trust your own wisdom, and to love yourself fully and unapologetically.

  2. Safety and trust in finding your own authentic voices and speaking your truth to yourself and others.

  3. Learning your sacred work/assignment and how to use that as an internal compass for all aspects of life. Trusting that if you are in alignment with your assignment the Divine will take care of the rest.

  4. Learning how to tell your stories through image and word and re-write your new story.

  5. Techniques and practices for sacred time management and trusting divine timing, as well as, how to stalk your energy and direct your life force energy towards your heart and soul desires. You will also learn to set boundaries, when to say no, and when to say yes.

  6. Learning to work in harmony with nature and trust the messages from nature.

  7. A sense of deep trust in yourself, others, and the divine.

  8. Walking through the world and seeing it through a whole new lens.

  9. A knowing that you belong, you are not alone, and you have the power to re-birth yourself over and over again.

Investment Options

Option 1:

$297 for the six-month journey

Option 2:

$1097 for the journey
PLUS six 1:1 guided sessions with me to take each teaching to a deeper more personalized level.

Each link is for a paid in full link, if you need to discuss payment arrangements please email me to set up a discussion dina@dinatibbs.com

I also do open my schedule for a 30-minute discovery call if you have questions about the journey or if this is a right fit for us. I am always happy to spend some time with you.

Next Steps

  1. Sit with this invitation, going into quiet and stillness and ask your inner wisdom if this is calling deeply to you, because this is going to be some deep inner and outer work, so the call must be strong, and you must be feeling it in every cell of your being.

  2. If it feels like a Yes, please register to hold your space. If it is a maybe but would like to talk further or you need to discuss payment, please email me dina@dinatibbs.com

  3. Once you are registered you will receive a welcome letter with details on dates, times, locations, and preparation. As we get closer to our first class you will receive links to access the wisdom guides and the classroom portal.