Dina Tibbs She Trusts Colorado

Wise Woman Queen’s Council

13 Women, 13 Moons, 13 Faces of the Feminine

A 13 Moon Council of Wise Women ready to claim their throne, be in sacred space with each other and share wisdom. I am inviting you to spend one Tuesday a month, to step out of day to day life, give and receive inner wisdom, speak from your heart, and be in embodied space together.

In this 13 Moon Experiential Journey we will gather once a month between 6:30-9:30 PM:
 at Amused Woman Studios in  Centennial CO

Please watch the video below for the full invitation to step into this space with me.

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I am inviting you:

1. To be in sacred space with me and each other

2. Give and receive deep wisdom, access your inner guidance system and step more fully into who you are at a soul level

3. Have fun with experiential practices that embody the faces of the feminine, engaging all of your senses

4. Learn how to drop into empty presence and both witness and speak from that place

 5. Come together regularly and deeply with a group of like-minded awake and aware women, who have lived life and “get” each other resulting in a sense of deep belonged and being seen without the masks we sometimes have to wear out in muggle land.

6. If its in your joy you may choose a face of the feminine you resonate deeply with and prepare the journey for one of the months with my guidance.

7. Even though it is not a teaching circle, you will learn how to hold space for others, group facilitation, and feminine leadership skills, that can be used in your own life and work.

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Divine Details

We will gather once a month for three hours on the Tuesday closest to the 1/2 Moon Waning, in the sacred space I have set at Amused Woman Studios in Centennial , CO. This is limited to 12 women to maintain the sanctity and potency of the work and to develop a deep level of trust with each other. There is some fluidity as we move into next summer which I discussed in the video.

Two weeks prior to our meeting you will receive a short guide on the Archetype of the Moon, her mantra, frequency, colors, plants, crystals in order to prepare for our time together.

We will have a zoom gathering prior to our first in-person gathering so we can get to know each other, discuss the flow, and review the Sacred Agreements.


Schedule and activation points:

Wise Woman - I simplify.I resonate.
October 22 2019

Weaver/Dreamer - I Dream. I Connect.
November 19 2019

Queen of Death - I release.I trust
December 17th 2019

Great Mother - I Surrender. I Receive.
January 21 2020

Goddess of Compassion - I Recognize. I Seed.
February 18 2020

The Priestess - I amplify in stillness.
March 17th 2020

Creator/Destroyer/Preserver-I focus. I create.
April 14 2020

Lady of Communion - I intend. I empower.
May 12 2020

The Muse - I play.I inspire.
June 9th 2020

Goddess of Love - I feel. I respond. I beautify.
July 14th 2020

Primal Goddess - I fuel. I consume.
August 11 2020

The Initiator - I align. I challenge.I clarify.
September 8th 2020

Alchemical Goddess - I am freedom. I am grace.I am union.
October 13th 2020

Investment Options

Option 2:

I am giving a small discount for paid in full

Next Steps

  1. Sit with this invitation, going into quiet and stillness and ask your inner wisdom if this is calling deeply to you, because this is going to be some deep inner and outer work, so the call must be strong, and you must be feeling it in every cell of your being.

  2. If it feels like a Yes, please email me and we will get the paypal invoice set up. If it is a maybe but would like to talk further email me and we can set up a zoom call to answer questions or bring clarity. dina@dinatibbs.com

  3. Once you are registered you will receive a group welcome letter with dates to gather for an initial zoom call, creation of a FB Group so we can support each other in between gatherings.