One on One and Group Programs

3-6+ months

Weaving together Creative Practices for Healing, Divine Feminine Wisdom,
Feminine Leadership, + Business Strategy

Journeys designed for you to remember who you are at the deepest soul levels, trust in your own wisdom, trust in the Divine, and have the ability to bring your own life and business visions into form in a way that is in alignment with your rhythms and the rhythms of the natural world.

In my one on one work, we get to go deep together so that you can discover who you are at a soul level. From there, you are able to create a life that is in alignment with your true self. Your teachings are customised and tailored to your specific dreams and desires. Because of the depth of the work, and my desire to be in integrity with my own rhythms I only work with 3 women at a time in the She Trusts Program, and 4 women at a time in the Vision Weaver program.

The gift of group programs is to be in a deep sisterhood for a longer journey than a one-time workshop. Developing that level of trust, hearing other women’s stories, and being witnessed in your own, creates a level of transformation and belonging that as humans we all desire. As women we have “done it alone” for far too long and it is time to come back into a paradigm of trust, and sharing of wisdom, and asking for support that we have not allowed ourselves for generations.

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 One on One Programs


She Trusts

A 6 Month Experiential Journey into accessing, listening to, trusting and acting upon your own Inner Wisdom, trusting in your Divine and the flow of life, and trusting that you are a sovereign being in co-creation with life and its cycles. This is designed for women who continuously in the cycle of self-doubt, have difficulty making clear choices for their highest good and taking action on them, or who continuously look outside of themselves for guidance and information rather than trusting their own wisdom in areas of life such as home, health, career/business, money, relationships, spirituality, and self-expression.

You are ready to develop a deep relationship with yourself, step into your sovereignty, expression and power, and never question that YOU are the only one who is the Queen of your Domain.

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Vision Weaver

A 6-month experiential journey designed to take your life and business visions from your heart and head out into the world.

You have sacred work, a vision, wisdom, learned knowledge and life experiences to share. You have divinely given gifts and you are bursting at the seams to share them with the world. Yet, you struggle with articulating your vision, and putting structure and form around how your sacred work looks in the world. You are a spiritual and creative being and do not want to lose your freedom of creativity or become out of integrity with your soul. You want to be in service but not in Servitude.

You have several certifications, levels of knowledge, modalities learned, and you struggle with how to bring them into a coherent offering that sustains and nourishes your clients and YOU.

My Divinely given gift is as a Vision Weaver and Initiator. I take visions and bring them into form and structure, I initiate action while remaining creative, in the flow of life and embracing Divine Timing, and not always having all the answers but embracing the mystery which is where the magic happens. And I have done this myself, I live it every single day, and I stay in my integrity and what my heart and soul desires.

I believe business ownership is a deeply spiritual endeavor and that it is crucial to remain in spiritual alignment while putting your work into the world. Remaining in integrity with your Divine gifts, and your sacred assignment, while also creating structure, systems, and form. But this program will take work and commitment on your part it is the paradox of being in flow and focus at the same time. I want to be clear that this is as much a spiritual journey as it is a business and life strategy journey.