Jan 2019 -June 2019 She Trusts Six-Month Circle Journey

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Jan 2019 -June 2019 She Trusts Six-Month Circle Journey

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Trust the Process - Circle Medicine-Setting Sacred Space
Jan 29 2019

Trust in Love - Fall completely in love with yourself
Feb 26 2019

Trust Yourself - Accessing and TrustingYour Own Wisdom & Intuition
Mar 26 2019

Trust the Divine - Divine Timing Elemental Wisdom + Feminine Flow 
Apr 30 2019

Trust the Path of the Ancestors - Lineage Wisdom
May 28 2019

Your Story Re-Imagined - Celebration and Closing Party
June 25 2019

How would it feel to remember who you are, the Divine Being you were before others told you who you were supposed to be? How would it feel to trust yourself in totality and never question your own wisdom? 

12 Women, Six Months + A journey towards remembering and trust in yourself, humanity, nature and the Divine = Transformation and birth of your new but old story.

I invite you to embark upon a six-month journey in circle with 11 other women and me as your guide towards remembering who you are and standing in that no matter the stories being told all around you. When you remember, you trust. You trust your own wisdom above all else, you trust the divine and embrace the mystery, you being to see that nature is on your side, and you begin to trust each other deeply. 

In this six month journey we will learn to listen to and become aware of our stories and transform them, we learn to appreciate the good, the bad, the ugly, the light, and the shadow and find the gifts in all of it. When we embrace the mystery and learn to listen to our wisdom, we make decisions and create a life of joy, authenticity, depth and creativity that is unwavering. We become curious, we are amused, we realize life is an experiment and when we live it from choice, we happen to life, life doesn’t happen to us. 


In this program you will receive 6 months of wisdom in understanding the levels of trust within yourself and others, how to work with time and trust that when you relax you have enough time. You will learn what your sacred assignment is and how to use that as your compass, you will learn how to use your body as an intuition rod. You will learn to love yourself fully and unapologetically and you will learn what the ancients knew and how your lineage impacts the stories you tell yourself. 


There will be laughter, tears, art, dancing, stories, and of course trust. You will learn how to make deep connections with other women, and you will receive tools to remember who you are and techniques to know when you begin to forget again. 

I realize embarking upon this journey takes a deep level of trust not only in yourselves but in me, so this is just the beginning of establishing our relationship and the start of what I hope is a deep relationship. If this invitation sounds like the next step in your evolution/revolution go here to receive the full invitation.

Investment: $297

or $1097 for the 6 Month Circle + 6 Private One on One Sessions to go deeper on your journey.

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