Soul-Full Stories Cards One on One Session


Soul-Full Stories Cards One on One Session

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This Session is available in-person or virtually via zoom. In this one on one 2 Hour Transformational Coaching I will guide your towards creating you own card deck transforming old self-limiting believes into new stories and affirmations. Through a beautiful and transformative Intentional Creativity® process.

Many times the voice we hear is the voice of the Inner Critic, or external voices telling us what we should be, what we need to do, and a lot of "what if's" or "only ifs". But when we release and transform the stories we tell ourselves (or that are other peoples' stories about us) into words of positivity, self love, and wisdom, our perspective changes. 

This will be an intentional and transformational process where we are in the Red Thread Circle and holding sacred space during the process. I will safely guide you towards illuminating the stories that have been running you and are rooted in fear, honor them for what they have taught us, and as we release the "old" stories we tell ourselves and transform them we create new affirmations, claim our new story into a beautiful mixed media card deck that inspires and serves to remind you of your magic when you work with them on a daily basis.

Caution: Contents of your soul may shift upon awakening your creativity. 

Investment: $197 for a two-hour session, all supplies are provided for in-person sessions, just bring a journal to document your experiences. For virtual sessions a supply list will be provided.

Once you have registered you will receive an email with a more detailed intake form, as well as, a calendar link, and a zoom link for virtual sessions.


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