• ...that the path to your innermost self and desires is through engaging the senses fully, deeply, and with intention.
  • ...that as women we are born creators, and when we bring creativity into our daily lives we are more aligned and alive
  • ...that as women our senses are being bombarded with external stimuli and if we quiet down, intentionally engage our senses, and connect with our Inner Wisdom we can begin to heal ourselves and take back our power.
  • ...it is the senses that make the magical, beautiful wonders of the Universe come alive in our mind’s eye. It is this sense of wonder and understanding that life is an experiment that allows us to be in our flow. 
  • ...the two most powerful transformation tools are releasing and re-writing our stories through creating image and being in community with other women where we share with each other, witness each other, and celebrate each other

So what is Artist of the Spirit Coaching and Intentional Creativity?

Working with Me:

  • You get to talk to a woman who holds no judgment, allowing you to be authentic and ask for what you need, one who has been where you are.We celebrate you and your wholeness, we concentrate on working with your gifts, not fixing you. You are not broken. 
  • Artist of the Spirit Coaching combines life, spiritual, and energetic coaching, with my unique perspective on business coaching for healers, creatives, and visionaries. Many techniques come from the Toltec Philosophies, Toltec means Artist of the Spirit, and we are all the artists and authors of our lives. 
  • I am more of a collaborator than a coach, in our sessions you drive the car, I am just the navigator. 
  • Teach you breathing and grounding techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime to connect to and listen to your intuition, as well as, energetic techniques designed to release what is no longer serving you. 
  • Intentional Creativity is a process developed by Shiloh Sophia where we access our consciousness through imagination, visualization, image and word. When we access our wisdom in this way we become aware, we release what is no longer service us, and we have access to our own information, gifts and visions that we never knew we had. 
  • To close the session we will discuss anything that may have come up for you, I ask that you bring a journal to note your experiences, and give some exercises and actions to take between each session. 

Coaching Testimonial:

"I hired Dina to be my spiritual/business coach. In just eight weeks, she helped me find my sacred assignment, guided me through my new business venture, and empowered me through self-discovery. I am so grateful for Dina's wisdom, encouragement, and guidance. She has a gift!" - Amy E. 

Intentional Creativity Testimonial:

“For anyone struggling to make a connection with their inner self, or soul, taking the time out of your day to contemplate (and express) both the positive and negative aspects of what/what you are brings a deeper understanding of who you could be. Whether you are seeking a creative expression outlet, or just need to set aside time to work on you, Dina's Soul Story Cards session is the perfect opportunity to do both.”- Nikki G.

Vision Weaver Dina Tibbs

Vision Weaver 6 Month Vision Initiation Program

You have sacred work and Divinely-given gifts that you are bursting at the seams to share with the world.  Yet, you struggle with how to articulate your vision, and are unclear on how to put structure around what your sacred work looks like in the world.  

My Divinely given gift is as a Vision Weaver and Initiator. I take visions and bring them into form and structure, I initiate action while remaining creative, in the flow of life and embracing Divine Timing.

I am inviting 3 women to work with me one on one from Summer to Winter Solstice to weave  your vision into form while remaining in your creative flow and spiritual alignment. This Vision Weaver program is delivered over six months with four modules and around 64 hours of content.

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