05/19/19 Mother/Daughter Soul-full Story Cards 1PM-5PM


05/19/19 Mother/Daughter Soul-full Story Cards 1PM-5PM


May 19th 2019 from 1-5 PM Pre-registration required. Investment $98 per Mother/Daughter Pair. Limit 6 pairs. (If you have two or more daughters reach out to me and I will be sure you get a discount code for the 3rd)

Mothers and their daughters (12-18) are invited to create their own card decks transforming self-limiting believes into new stories and affirmations. 

As adult women many times the voice we hear is the voice of the Inner Critic, or external voices telling us what we should be, what we need to do, and a lot of "what if's" or "only ifs". But when we release and transform the stories we tell ourselves (or that are other peoples' stories about is) into words of positivity, self love, and wisdom, our perspective changes. Many of these "voices" have been with us for many years, and as young women we were never taught how to re-write these stories, and we were not taught that self-love was healthy, but rather that it was selfish! NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! 

Our daughters and young women are already beginning to turn the external messages into internal belief systems, (starting as young as 6) and this class is designed to teach them how to re-write and re-frame those messages so they walk through the world with confidence and self-love, setting boundaries and not allowing the words of others to define who they are. 

This will be an intentional and transformational process where we are in the Red Thread Circle and holding sacred space during the process. There will be partner exercises, sharing, and transformation as we release the "old" stories we tell ourselves and transform them into the new affirmations in a card deck that inspires. Mothers will serve as inspiration to their daughters as they witness our capacity for self-love. 

Caution:Contents of your soul may shift upon awakening your creativity. 

Investment:  $98 for mother/daughter pair. Includes all supplies, snacks, and tea. Bring a journal. No art experience required. 

Limit 6 Pairs


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