Unearth Your Sacred Assignment- 4 Part Intentional Creativity Series


Unearth Your Sacred Assignment- 4 Part Intentional Creativity Series


Dates: Jan 7th 2020, January 14 2020, January 28 2020, Feb 4th 2020. 6:30-9:30 PM Pre-registration Required, Limit 8 women.

Early Bird Discount- Register by 11/30/19 for $20 off. Enter code ASSIGN20 at checkout.

We have all been given a Sacred Assignment-What is Yours? 

A workshop designed to unearth our assignments here on this planet, connect with our wisdom and allow both to converge into a compass from which we write our own stories and design our lives. 

Please join me for this four part series where you will discover what your assignment is here on this planet, why IT IS NOT the same as Purpose, and how once you unearth what your assignment is, and use it as the compass for all choices, in all areas of your life, you come into alignment with both your inner and outer worlds.

Once you know what your assignment is, and act from that place, you are more able to make aligned choices in work, relationships, spiritual, physical, and emotional health AND trust your own inner wisdom from that place. You begin to say NO to what is not yours to do, and stay out of overwhelm. You intuitively become more loving towards yourself and others.

This is a core pillar of the work I do and the teachings I share, and all things emerge from this awareness.

To unearth means: discover (something hidden, lost, or kept secret) by investigation or searching.

In this four part series we will work with wisdom teachings, guided visualizations, journaling-both written and art, metacognitive drawing, and painting to unearth what has been lost and hidden but that has always lived deep inside your heart and soul. (No art experience needed).

Week 1-Connect to each other in circle, guided visualization to discover your assignment, journaling processes..both writing and art prompts.

Week 2-Deeper inquiries, sharing, sketching your “assignment muse”, her symbols and tools. Journaling around your Inner Compass and Calling Choices to what you are here on this planet to cause and create.

Weeks 3 & 4- 13 Step Painting with Deeper Inquiry to allow your Muse: On a Mission to emerge and for you to fully own and step into your assignment.

I look forward to spending this time with you, in the beginning part of 2020 so that you can vision and design your life based on the foundation of your sacred assignment.

All art supplies provided. No art experience needed. Caution:Contents of Your Soul Will Shift Upon Arrival.

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