11/26/19 10AM-1PM New Moon Intention Setting Circle-In Person

NEw MoonCircle.jpg
NEw MoonCircle.jpg

11/26/19 10AM-1PM New Moon Intention Setting Circle-In Person


11/26/19 10AM-1PM Pre-registration required, limit 12 women. Heart Contribution $33.

When we draw down the power of the New Moon, along with the energies of the seasons, elements and astrological signs we are able to quiet our minds, access our intuition, and create powerful intents that come from our hearts and souls rather than our logical minds.

Doing this in community with other like-minded souls sets a container for support and bringing our intentions into form.

Each new moon invites us to let go of what is not needed, and birth what is calling deeply to come into the light through grounding, receiving, sharing and creating. I do hope you join me for this powerful way to access the rhythms and cycles of nature, and your own to create a life led from your heart and your magnificence.

Each New Moon we will gather to:

  • Be in space together and leave the everyday world behind.

  • Ground into Mother Earth for her support and sustenance.

  • Access our intuition to get clear on what our intents are.

  • Share and witness each other, and ask for support.

  • Complete a creative process that will energize, elevate, and potentize your intention.

If you have any questions feel free to email me dina@dinatibbs.com

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