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Diva X:Grounding in Your Body an Intentional Creativity Journey

August 17th 10AM-6PM

$128 pre-registration required. Limit 5 women.

As Wise Women we often give and don’t receive. That leads us to exhaustion and overwhelm and often put our own bodies, minds, hearts and spirits last. Or we have disconnected from our creative and sensual centers. Our bodies are where our intuition lies, the are our own internal guidance systems and when we stop to pay attention to our bodies we receive the gifts discernment, clarity, creativity, and KNOWING what brings us peace and harmony.

Our bodies are the sacred gift we have been given for our souls to reside in; staying tuned into what our own bodies have to say is imperative to our own inner and outer work, our sensuality, our creativity.

In this full day Intentional Creativity class we will learn the tools needed to quiet the mind, and pay attention to the messages our body is giving us, because our body rarely steers us wrong if we just listen. We will paint with intention, movement and listening to the messages our body has for us, and put those messages on the canvas. We will learn to hear and to see from our Inner Wisdom instead of voices outside of ourselves. And we will learn how to use our own bodies as an intuitive lightening rod from which to fill our own cups, and to access our sensual centers.

You will learn what a big YES feels like in your body when you ask for its wisdom, and how to discern what you should spend your time and energy on in your daily life, and when you have emptied your tank and need to re-energize before you can serve anyone else.

All supplies provided. No art experience necessary, just a willingness to listen to your body and be open to its messages.

No refunds for cancellations, if you need to cancel we will reschedule you to another class date and time.