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Inner Child Paint Party

Investment: $89 Limit 8 women, pre-registration required.

When is the last time you let your Inner Child out to play? Our Inner Child is a part of who we are at a soul level, but we spend so much time adulting that we don’t let her out to play, and so often we are not in our joy. She is screaming to be felt and heard. Come free your inner child and play in paint! There is nothing more freeing and playful than putting color on canvas and seeing what emerges. There is no pre-determined outcome, an image may or may not emerge.

This is about getting messy, we will use fingers, stencils, brushes, and other mark making tools. Different types of paint and inks. There is no art experience required and no need for perfection, it is about time we let that go anyway! Perfection hasn’t served any of us. We will connect with that lost part of ourselves and listen to what she has to say as we take this intuitive journey through visualization, art, movement and FREEDOM!

As children before we could even speak we expressed through making marks on paper, and we took pure joy in doing that. Let’s see what your child has to say about being too serious! Join me for a day of joyful, playful expression. There will be paint, there will be dancing, there will likely be chocolate.

All supplies provided, no art experience required.