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Clarity Session-Rise Above Painting Workshop

Pre-registration required. Limit 12 women.

Please join me for this Rise Above Painting Workshop- inspired by the book of the same name and my teacher Whitney Freya to explore clarity, our ability to make decisions and see clearly what our visions are, and leave with clear direction to make your dreams possible. We will work with three imagination goals, and move your from a place of limiting belief to possibility and peace.

Immerse yourself in painting as meditation, painting as energy work and painting as a personal journey. It's time for you to see clearly and release limiting beliefs In this 3.5 hour workshop, I will shower you in vibration (through sound journeys and guided meditations), color and magic. How are you being called to Rise Above?

As you paint your new belief and clarity canvas, you will experience a raising of your vibration, an elevation of your belief into what is available to you now, and a renewed ability to let go of whatever is no longer serving you, so that you can make your dreams possible.

You will learn an entirely new Sacred Painting Practice that guides you into your own deepest knowing & heART’s desire with a surprising “lightness of being!”

In this workshop, you will be taught a personal painting practice and simple 4-step technique that ensures that anyone can paint, have fun, and receive the stress -relieving and health benefits of meditation AND creativity. This is an intuitive painting that will reveal itself to you, we will focus on symbols of clarity like, wings, feathers, perhaps owls, and eyes. It will be your own experience to create what is calling you and reminding you to see with your heart.

Your $75 registration includes sound healing, all paints + painting tools. Please bring a journal.