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Creative Visionary Business Plan for Healers, Creatives and Visionaries

Dates: March 27th and April 3rd 2019 from 10AM-5PM. This is a two-part class and you must attend both. Pre-registration required. Limit 8 participants.

Do you have a healing, creative, or visionary business without a written business plan, or a new offering or idea and need help bringing it into form? Whether you are a new business, established business with no plan, or are considering creating a new program. Having a business plan gives you clarity on why, who, and how you want to serve, and the costs of doing the business. You will access your creativity and bring ideas into form from both a right and left-brained perspective and tap into possibilities that your “mind” can’t come up with, and then use the “mind” to take action and bring them into form.

You will learn how to become aligned with your gifts and how your share them. And you will design and vision your business from a place of fluidity, grace, and possibility. Rather than forcing, overworking and getting in your own way.

When you use image and word, left and right brain to create a vision plan for your business you open you and your business to a whole new world of possibilities and heart centered leadership.

This class is the un-scary way to do a business plan and get clarity and focus around bringing all of your modalities together, illuminating your gifts and sharing them with the world, as well as, understanding the costs of doing business.

Being in the healing arts for 20 years (with a 15 year corporate business strategy background prior to that) I understand what it is like to run a healing arts business, and I also understand that very few healing arts certification programs adequately prepare you for what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This class is a great way to paint, vision, and write out how you want to offer your gifts to the world.

In this class you will leave with clarity on:

  • Your Mission

  • Your Vision

  • Your Gifts and Story

  • Your ideal clients

  • Your offerings

  • How to give and receive abundance

  • The support structures needed

  • Opportunities for co-creation with others

  • In Part 2 and beyond we will work through specific goals needed to achieve the vision, and what the cost of doing business is and what you should charge for your offerings. I will also provide recommendations to complete the “left-brained” part of the business plan and get real numbers in a way that is not scary.

This class is also ideal for small and large organizations who would like to become more creative in their strategy and vision planning. In this class we come together as a creative team with a shared and agreed upon vision that can be the basis for the future state goals of the company. When a team comes together in this way, everyone becomes aligned and honored for their individual gifts and contributions.

In this two part series we explore our vision and mission, our message, the ideal client and audience, the offering(s), how the offers will be shared and marketing, how we will creatively bring in abundance, and the support structures we need to actualize the vision. In the second class we will begin to delve into the goals and actions needed to actualize the vision plan.

This is done by visioning exercises, imagery, and words that access the creativity in the right brain so that the left brain is free to work out the details when the vision becomes a reality.

No art experience required. All supplies provided, but bring a journal or your preferred medium for goal planning.

This is a two-part class. The second date is April 3rd  Investment-$225 Limit 8 attendees

Contact me at for group and organizational scheduling.