Welcome Women of Compass Rose!!!  

I hope you enjoyed all of the uncommon wisdom from the wild women who were a part of the summit. 

I feel so blessed that you found your way here, and that you have started the journey of discovering your sacred assignment and using it as your internal compass. 

My gift to you for participating in the summit is a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss what you discovered was your sacred assignment (or do the visualization again if nothing came up) and to go deeper with how you can bring that into all the aspects of your life using the medicine wheel or compass.   

Working with your sacred assignment brings a state of integrity and alignment that truly allows you to relax into life and embrace the mysteries. 

It gives you the courage to embrace your edge without going over it, and to be a wild woman. 

Knowing your sacred assignment allows for a deeper connection to your Inner Wisdom and teaches you to access your own information and discern external information that is no longer serving you.  

You are ready to release what is no longer serving you,
reclaim your power,
and illuminate your gifts.

To schedule your 30 Minute Session go here: 

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I wake up every morning asking how I can be of service to the women who seek my help.  

I create a safe and sacred place where together we honor where you are on your path. 

I teach you how to access, listen to and trust your Inner Wise Woman and love yourself with all of your being.

I work intuitively together with you to create a transformational experience specific to your needs. 

I teach you how to release the old stories and create your new story drawing on 20 years of spiritual, healing, and creativity practices.

I am your spiritual collaborator and inspiratrix on this journey to discovering your inner wisdom and creative fire.