Why You Should Stop Saying You Aren't Creative

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” I cannot tell you how many times I hear those words. I myself, said them for years, this was an external influence that became ingrained as a soul agreement that I believed until 3 years ago. Despite the fact that I was always a writer, dancer, a fiber artist, had creative ideas, and happened to create another life along the journey.

I heard these words again just the other day from another woman. It did not hit me until hours later that these words came from someone who is a photographer, she is in a highly creative field, yet still doesn’t consider herself creative. When did we start thinking we had to be trained fine artists, or Martha Stewart to believe we are creative? I suspect it is because someone along the way, probably in childhood told you that you weren’t creative; at least that was my experience when in 3rd grade I could not naturally sit down and draw a face, and so because apparently I wasn’t born with natural talent, my art teacher never bothered to show me how to draw (which can be taught by the way).

As humans we are by our very nature creative. Our entire lives are nothing but creations. Calling yourself creative is nothing but a shift in perspective and intention.


It is just simply not the truth. Everything we do is a creation, from creating a heart-centered dynamic business, to creating a nutritious meal for our family, creating a spiritual practice, creating another human life! And when you look at your life as a creative experiment your soul sings.

“Creativity may be the nearest one-word definition we possess for the essence of our humanity, for the true meaning of soul.” –Matthew Fox

I made a choice 3 years ago to stand in front of a blank canvas, a paintbrush in my hand, and an intention. I found teachers who I cherish who taught me how to paint and draw, but also about accessing my soul in ways I never knew I could.  This is the magic that happened and continues to happen every day:

·      I cleared the soul agreement that came from outside of myself that I was not creative.

·      I have a process that assists me in becoming aware and cleaning out the other soul agreements I made without realizing it.

·      I stepped into the unknown and learned to safely face my fears and old traumatic stories, and transform them into gifts and clear what is no longer needed.

·      Painting and creativity allows a free flowing conversation with your Inner Critic, where you get to say thank you for protecting me, you are no longer needed.

·      I gave up my need to control the outcomes in my life, and surrendered to finding joy in the mystery.

·      I found a way to access my inner wisdom and subconscious to gain access to knowledge I did not know I had, this translates to knowledge in how I do everything in life and make decisions that are in alignment with my spirit.

·      I use art and creativity to run my business and make decisions that are in alignment with my soul and my client’s desires.

·      I use art to infuse love and light into the collective human experience, and send energy to those that need it.

This was the first face I drew in 2015, thanks to Tamara LaPorte for teaching so many of us with patience and kindness. And while it is far from perfect, I love that it is perfectly imperfect and is a reminder of releasing a fear and overcoming an obstacle.

So my challenge to you is to consider where you are creative in your life, or how you can approach aspects of your life with more creativity, shift your perspective on what you consider a creative act. Journal your findings and let me know what you found.