I am the Amused Woman

Amused Woman Studios has been open since November 4th 2017, the physical space where I teach Intentional Creativity and Women’s Transformational Workshops. I never really thought to announce the re-branding when I opened, but I am making it “official” now. Because well to be honest Facebook is requiring I announce the re-branding in order to get my business name changed. And you will also see some changes to the website over the next few months in order to bring more coherency to the site, and easier navigation.

Amused Woman Studios LLC has actually been my legal business name since July 2017.

But I wanted to officially announce that Dina Tibbs Healing and Creative Journeys is now officially known everywhere as Amused Woman Studios.  And hopefully the Facebook page name will reflect this change very soon.

I am also working with my web Goddess to create version 3.0 of the website. That will blend the one on one work I do both in person and virtually, with the in-studio classes and workshops, so there is a cleaner look and feel to the site, and easier navigation. Plus I am ready to tell a new story after being on this journey of creating a community here in Centennial, CO for a year now. And I am writing the Amused Woman Manifesta, because I am an aMUSEd woman and you can be too.


We appreciate you following us on this journey to a name that better reflects what we do and who we cater to.

Love and Light,



A Little Gift on Trust


I have created a video for you explaining the Trinity of Trust, why working with it has been an integral part of my own Inner Journey, and a short daily practice for you to try out. I hope you enjoy it, just click on the video and you will get access. 

I am also thrilled to announce that I have opened the doors to my She Trusts 9 Month Journey, the culmination of 20 years of study around trusting and all of the wisdom I have been blessed to receive.

I hope you enjoy, and as always I am available to chat and connect with you more deeply. 

Love and Light,