Feb. 17 2019 1-5 PMFriends, Angels, and Other Lovers- A Soul Collage ® Retreat Day


Feb. 17 2019 1-5 PMFriends, Angels, and Other Lovers- A Soul Collage ® Retreat Day


I am honor to host Marcia Chadly for a day of Soul Collage®

Pre-registration required. Minimum 5 guests- Maximum 15 Investment-79

Early Bird Gift of 12 Blank Cards and Sleeves to make a full Soul Collage deck, if registered by Feb. 1st.

Knowing that you are loved and supported feels great and is personally empowering.  It warms your heart and gives you confidence to be you!  

Love and support come from so many sources.  Sometimes it is hard to see and sometimes you forget to look for it.  

What people and animals in your life care about you?  Are you watching for support from the Universe?  These are some supporters that you could reach out to:

  • Friends and family

  • Pets

  • Angels

  • Fairies and tree spirits

  • Spirit animals

  • Teacher, Great Mother, Healer, and other archetypes

  • Ancestors

  • Saints

Recognize and tap into a supportive relationship - one that empowers you to be you and offers companionship for your path.

You might explore a friendship or a supportive angel.

Ask for guidance with questions like these:

  • I'm not sure what choice to make.  What can you tell me?

  • I don't understand what is going on.  What do you see?

  • What do I need to know right now?

The group of women gathered embodies care and support.  There is nothing quite like a group of women to hold sacred space for each other and create loving community!  Laughter, sharing, and quiet togetherness.

Find and tap into your support using SoulCollage® - a magical process that uses images to bypass your thinking mind and talk directly with your heart and inner wisdom.

Are you new to SoulCollage®?  One of the great things about this tool is that it is simple to learn and anyone can do it.  Cutting and pasting are the only skills needed.  Get a jump start on your SoulCollage® adventure with our free introductory guide.

You will have flexibility throughout the afternoon to walk your unique path.   The guidance you seek and who you seek it from is open for you to choose.   Love and support are here for you.

  • Tap into one or more sources of personal support

  • Create 1-2 SoulCollage® cards

  • Receive guidance and support by interacting with your card(s)

All supplies and materials are provided.   If you prefer to use your own card making tools, please bring them.

Move out into your world feeling loved and renewed!  Leave the program:

  • At ease knowing you have support to draw on

  • Shifted by the guidance you receive

  • Empowered to explore questions of the heart and soul using SoulCollage®

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