aMUSEd Woman Studios

Where creativity, community, and transformation converge.” 



aMUSEd Woman Studios located in Centennial, CO arose out of a 20 year vision to provide a sacred space of support for women who have a desire to do great work in the world, whether that is as mother, healer, creative, visionary, teacher, corporate or non-profit leader or all of the above.

It is a place where self-expression is not only supported; but encouraged, and where we come together in community to tell our stories, share our gifts, and transform our lives and the lives of those around us.  

It is my belief that when women come together to create in community, and share their stories they come to realize they are not alone, and when we witness ourselves reflected back in others we are able to able to see more deeply within ourselves, that which we could not see before. This knowledge, along with Intentional Creativity ™ and other transformational workshops gives us the ability to create our stories, and share our gifts with the world. 

Offerings at the studio and online include Intentional Creativity® workshops, Intuitive Creativity Workshops. Feminine Wisdom Workshops and Programs, Women’s Circles and Life Transition Ceremonies, Feminine Leadership Workshops, Corporate and Group Team Building, Life and Business Design, as well as, customized private group offerings, and one on one mentorship programs.

In addition, to my offerings it has always been my mission to provide other teachers, healers, creative and visionaries a place to share their work in a co-creative and financially feasible environment. After almost 20 years of doing this work, and struggling to find an affordable and appropriate space for my own offerings, it is a key piece of my vision to support other women doing great work in the world, and not having to spend all of their profit on a teaching space, and so their offerings can be affordable for their beloveds. This space will be a collective of women who have gifts to share with women in the Denver Metro Area.

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Find us here:

Amused Woman Studios | 15452 E Orchard Rd | Centennial CO 80016

Intentional Creativity

As children, we don’t think about creating, we just do it. We make marks on the page from the moment we can hold a crayon. That is because we are born creative beings, everything we do in life is a creation. But somewhere along the way we lost that connection, normally due to some external influence telling us how creative we are or aren’t.

Intentional Creativityis a process designed to re-connect us to our creativity and our inner wisdom. When we create with intention we allow ourselves to quiet down, listen to our wisdom, get out of our heads and out of our own way. 

I invite you to create with me...

Intentional Creativity is a way to access your inner wisdom and subconscious to gain knowledge that you did not know you had, it will assist you in becoming aware of your stories, releasing what is no longer needed, and give you the inspiration to create your new story. 

Intentional Creativity is a way to come together in community with other women who are there to support you. 

When we create and access our right brain, we are able to bring our ideas into form, make decisions from the present rather than the past, and open up our possibilities for the future. 

Intentional Creativity is a blend of visualization exercises, sharing stories, and expressing yourself through words and image. 

“We are here to rescue creativity from the tyranny of the talented.”
-Shiloh Sophia McCloud- Founder Intentional Creativity

Intentional Creativity™ workshops do not require any art experience, but you will be amazed at what you can create by the end of a workshop.

I also specialize in Intentional Creativity™ for heart-centered businesses and non-profits. In this process a single owner business, small team or corporate leadership team will develop their vision, mission, strategies, ideal market, offerings and goals through creative process that opens them up to ideas and visions they would not otherwise have access to. Then we work together to create the goals and steps needed to accomplish those goals. In team settings we explore each contributor’s gifts, and how those are best served to meet the overall vision.

Intentional Creativity Offerings

Circles + Gatherings

When women gather together in circle to create, share, witness, and support each other without judgment, we grow and we transform. I have been holding circles and creating sacred space for almost two decades. Being in circle is a part of every class and workshop I teach, and every community offering. It is a place to share, to get to know each other more deeply, and to discuss topics that are relevant and important to us. Some of the offerings at Amused Woman Studios are open circles, and others are specific workshops and teachings, as well as, co-creations with guest teachers, creatives, healers and visionaries. All workshops and circles are located at Amused Woman Studios unless otherwise noted. See below for details.  

Circles, Gatherings + Co-Creative Offerings

Warrior Goddess Training Workshops


I am a Certified Warrior Training Facilitator. Warrior Goddess Training is based on the best-selling book Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara and I trained directly with Heatherash to provide teachings that are in addition to what is in the books. 

These workshops are dynamic ,experiential classes on living from your essence, rather than from your fear.

The workshops are interactive, inspirational, and a head to toe re-wiring to get you back into integrity as the artist of your spirit and the creator of your dream. Each of us has a fire within, a sacred self, and everything we do either nourishes or diminishes our inner spark. When we get stuck in our stories, our worries, and trying to figure things out, we lose sight of who we really are, and what we are here to do.

These workshops focus on three pillars of transformation:
• Re-commit to a new, tangible pathway that honors your sacred self
• Re-connect to your wholeness, your vitality, your creativity and your sassy self
• Re-inspire yourself to take actions that will create the life you deserve

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