aMUSEd Woman Studios

Where creativity, community, and transformation converge.” 



aMUSEd Woman Studios located in Centennial, CO arose out of a 20 year vision to provide a sacred space of support for women who have a desire to do great work in the world, whether that is as mother, healer, creative, visionary, teacher, corporate or non-profit leader or all of the above.

It is a place where self-expression is not only supported; but encouraged, and where we come together in community to tell our stories, share our gifts, and transform our lives and the lives of those around us.  

It is my belief that when women come together to create in community, and share their stories they come to realize they are not alone, and when we witness ourselves reflected back in others we are able to able to see more deeply within ourselves, that which we could not see before. This knowledge, along with Intentional Creativity ™ and other transformational workshops gives us the ability to create our stories, and share our gifts with the world. 

Offerings at the studio and online include Intentional Creativity® workshops, Intuitive Creativity Workshops. Feminine Wisdom Workshops and Programs, Women’s Circles and Life Transition Ceremonies, Feminine Leadership Workshops, Corporate and Group Team Building, Life and Business Design, as well as, customized private group offerings, and one on one mentorship programs.

In addition, to my offerings it has always been my mission to provide other teachers, healers, creative and visionaries a place to share their work in a co-creative and financially feasible environment. After almost 20 years of doing this work, and struggling to find an affordable and appropriate space for my own offerings, it is a key piece of my vision to support other women doing great work in the world, and not having to spend all of their profit on a teaching space, and so their offerings can be affordable for their beloveds. This space will be a collective of women who have gifts to share with women in the Denver Metro Area.

aMUSEd Woman Manifesta

An aMUSEd Woman…

  • Accesses, listens to, trusts, and acts upon her own Inner Muse and creative genius.

  • Stands in her sovereignty and power through love, non-judgement for self and others, and through freely self-expressing her gifts and authenticity.

  • Understands the only way to know what her heart and soul desires is to quiet down long enough to listen. Chocolate helps.

  • Is wise enough to know that the only constant is change, life is an experiment, and we are all the artists of our own lives.

  • Spends time in community with other women, to share and self-express, she knows she is not alone and we all have gifts and wisdom to share. Being in community is balm for her soul.

  • Knows that engaging the senses through art, beauty, food, dance, and sensuality is the most nourishing way to access her soul.

  • Does not apologize for who she is in her essence and is authentic even when it’s not pretty.

  • Lives life in harmony with her own rhythms and the rhythms of nature’s cycles.

  • Understands that she must give AND receive, when she opens to receiving magic happens.

  • Is always AMUSED and knows life is a cosmic joke.

This is the woman you can expect to become when you spend time in aMUSEd Woman Studios. Come join us.

Find us here:

Amused Woman Studios | 15452 E Orchard Rd | Centennial CO 80016