I had no idea why I had such a deep knowing of ancient knowledge and that this would become the basis for my personal spiritual explorations; and ultimately how I would connect that curiosity of all things mystical with the healing powers of plants, sacred sounds, energy, words, images and all of the mysteries of the natural world in order to be of service to other women.

I am an alchemist who transforms that ancient knowledge
into creative practices that can be used in the modern world
to bring about transformation, healing, and illuminate your gifts.

I find great pleasure in being the inspiratrix and collaborator that helps you to unearth your stories, discover your soul mission, reclaim your voice, and write the new stories. 

It Starts with A Vision

I have worked in the healing arts for almost 20 years, studied countless hands-on healing modalities and spiritual practices and although I loved the work, I always had a deep desire to learn the stories, be witness to them, and provide women with ways to transform not just their physical bodies, but their whole lives. 

I thought that “healer” was my sacred assignment in this life, but in July of 2016 just when I launched the first version of this website, I went into a period of anxiety I just could not shake. I realized I was not in my integrity. I was not on the right soul mission. But the path I took was exactly the right path for me. 

I have always been blessed to have just the right teachers at just the right time. And all 3 of the teachers in my life at this time helped me to connect deep in my soul to discover that in fact “healer” was not my sacred assignment, but that is was “creator”. That came as quite a surprise to me.

I have always considered myself creative but not an artist, in fact some art teacher in grade school told me so. Up until 3 years ago when I picked up my first paintbrush I believed that to be true. What I came to realize is my life is my art, and it’s yours too. Our lives are a creation of our stories and we decide which ones we want to write…or paint.

So I create. I create art; I create communities, connections, and help you to create your own stories and transformations.  I help you to discover your soul mission and create your vision. 

My vision has always been to mentor women in life and in business, because this world needs more healers, creatives, and visionaries. My vision has always been to have a sacred space for women to come together in self-expression and connect to each other, because when witness each other and share stories we learn that we are not alone and we transform.  

And I came to realize that although my modalities and teachings have changed, the vision has remained the same for 25 years.

In my work with you I blend my professional training and the wisdom I have received from my lineage of teachers in the following specialties:

  • Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher

  • Artist of the Spirit Coach

  • Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator

  • Spirit Artist Women's Circle Keeper

  • Traditional Healing Techniques of Chinese, Mayan, and Ayurvedic origins, and spiritual paths from many ancient traditions.

  • Certified Aromatherapist, Community Herbalist, Body and Energy Worker, Sound Healing

This training combined with my personal experiences in the modern world, the corporate and business world, and intuitive gifts come together in a unique creative experience designed to help you align your inner journey with your outer journey, access your innate gifts, and open your hearts and minds to limitless possibilities in this life.